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We have never been in disunity situation like we are today, which was worsen by the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic all over the globe back in 2020. We wanted to spread a movement to unite and stand together by thinking back as a human being.


We took references to the roots of human history, the mathematical symbol; Union, and the pre-historical symbol by Native Americans; ‘brotherhood’. As well as the one gesture that has been subconciously used in most protests movements from the 1960’s to present, called the human chain where people link their arms as a show of political solidarity.

One circle represents people globally. Two circles combined, represent bond, togetherness, and equal as human.


The logo is free-to-use for all the people around the globe and can be used for rising up against discrimination, hatred, and racism.


One of the UNITY campaign is by spreading your warmest smile to others and let them know that they really matter

Art Director: Andros Oeij Teng

Graphic Designer: Jessica Lionel, Richelle Virgiani

Year: 2020

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