PT Gunung Padakasih

Providing Solution To Build Future By Processing Nature

Visual Identity And Communication For PT Gunung Padakasih


Brand Strategy

Collaterals Design

Established in 1982, PT Gunung Padakasih is one of the pioneer in quarry mining. Now having two different sites, both located in Bandung, West Java. Their main mission is to improve quality and accelerate infrastructure development in Indonesia.


Inspired by the very source of the company’s business and their mission to be the solution to infrastructure through their product, the idea was to be simple and appropriate for PT Gunung Padakasih to look professional to their customers and business partners by using basic geometric shapes.

As PT Gunung Padakasih continues expanding its diverse service, we redesigned the logo to enhance the company’s image; professional and strong along with the company profile

Art Director: Andros Oeij Teng

Graphic Designer: Jessica Lionel, Richelle Virgiani

Project Manager: Whitney Lionel

Year: 2019

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