Skittles Revolver

Bringing Back The 80s Party To Society

Brand Activation & Experience Design With Gion Izakaya


Brand Activation

Who doesn’t love the famous, colorful, sweet- and-sour 80’s candy, Skittles? We teamed up with GION Izakaya, Moko Discover, and Muir Photo- box to relive the golden era of disco-pop back to society.

Skittles Revolver was formed as a platform to experience the 80’s era by using curated music, visual design, and other old school materials.

Let’s put our best outfit and get ready to live the night!

Art Director: Andros Oeij Teng

Creative Director: Calvin Lionel

Designer: Jessica Lionel, Richelle Virgiani

Project Manager: Whitney Lionel

Music Director & Talent Management: Moko Discover

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