Ny. Liem

Conveying Indonesian Heritage To The World

Brand activation for Ny. Liem



Brand Activation

Film and Motion


Reaching new market with new figure branding & positioning.


Crafting communication concept and strategy.

Ny. Liem is a patisserie brand focuses on bakery training and bakery retail in Bandung since 1960s which later was passed on to the second generation.

Achen, the second generation pull it off as a marvelous chef, and has been traveling around Indonesia to host cooking and baking exhibition for more than 20 years.

Modifying a figure’s persona who’s been embedded for more than 2 decades in society was not an easy task for us, we had to slowly form a new persona by creating a new kitchen studio with the interior design team, a new look and wardrobe to match her audiences daily activities, and several brand and national figures collaboration.

Art Director: Andros Oeij Teng

Creative Director: Calvin Lionel

Director of Cinematography: Enrico Vincent

Graphic Designer: Richelle Virgiani

Project Manager: Whitney Lionel

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