ISMAYA Kitchenette: Welcoming Everyone Home


If you were asked to define ‘home’ in just a few words, which one would you choose? 

1.   Home is where many stories captured daily

Some might highlight that an ideal home is the space filled with everything they need. Some would like it to be spacious, comfy and tranquil and it should therefore be located in a rural area with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. 

The word “home” itself, to many—is associated with a warm, happy place, where you are free to live, laugh and learn. In short, home is where many stories and memories are captured daily, and it’s never fail to say that every home has its own story to tell.  


2.   Space where we witness infinite challenges

There are also countless daily challenges in life that drain us of energy and make us react in ways that we dislike or regret. Just like how being caught in traffic outside can make us go into a rage, ruminate and sulk endlessly—home is also a place where we encounter countless daily challenges that we should overcome.


3.   Place to cherish joyful and unforgettable moments 

A reason that a home is so intrinsically linked to our memories is that a home is where your memories lie. For many of us home is where we learn something day by day. Our memories, both good and bad, shape the person that we are today. Without these personal memories we would be a totally different people, wouldn’t we?


4.   Where we receive and give every form of love

Not to mention general qualities like safety and warmth is a very needed spectrum that we should have at home. Once you start thinking about the answer, it’s more than words that come to mind. Home is also a place where you seek comforts, care and love for each and every one who lives under the same roof. 

5.   Share the bond through passion of food and lifestyle

At home every family in every type and different form, whether it is a small family or big one, every day, families are bustling in the kitchen. From preparing breakfast in a rush to leave for school and work, to cooking a delicious dinner in the evening to batch cooking nibbles for a game night with friends and family. These moments are much filled with love, laughter, and happiness. 

It’s hard to say that you could say the same for any other room inside our home, at least not to the same degree. That’s why the presence of a kitchen and dining space in every home should be a space that is close to everyone’s heart that lives on it—even for the guests.


Navigating the Challenges of the One-Long-Take Video

While it may seem easier to film a one-take shot, it certainly takes a great deal of time, resources, and talent to execute. It is definitely not an easy thing to do.

Shooting using this technique comes with lots of challenges, making talents and the crew are two major keys for a one-take sequence.

On the shooting site, despite any challenge, as things continue to happen—20 people should move or act in harmony for 1 minute to get the perfect result. A slight mistake, either from the talent or the crew, means everything will start all over again. And that’s why shooting one-take-video has its own unique challenges.

The art of one-take filming has its moments, and apart from demanding perfect teamwork from talents and the crew for a successful project, the action still proves difficult and challenging to film. But if it’s done the right way, the result could be a masterpiece. 

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